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Al-Furqan Primary School

Al-Furqan Primary School

The Key to Success

Year 5 Gallery


In Art, children have been exploring mixed media land and cityscapes. They have studied the work of several artists who are inspired by the land and city they live in and made visual notes. They have experimented with paper sizes to make their sketchbook more interesting.







In History, the children are exploring the local history of Tyseley. They have led their own historical enquiry

by analysing primary sources such as the census. Pupils  investigated what Tyseley was like in the 1800s and compared it to Tyseley today.



Birmingham Children's Hospital Visit

Year 5 children were delighted to visit Birmingham Children's Hospital for a careers day. The children were intrigued to learn about the role of a physiotherapist, paediatric doctors and specialist nurses for livers, intensive care unit and cardiology. They particularly enjoyed the tour of the hospital where they got to see NHS Staff in their day to day roles. The children were extremely inquisitive and it was great to see all their fantastic questions welcomed by the lovely hospital staff. 

In art, children have been working on Typography. 

This is the art of creating and arranging letters in a way which is visually appealing and which makes the letters legible. They have also been sketching using mark making techniques and making graphic drawings on maps. They will soon be designing their own imaginary maps - naming and creating imaginary worlds using typography. 


The have produced some fantastic pieces in their sketchbooks.







We have been encouraging our children to draw at different scales and ratios and created extra long scrolls based on real life plants.




Year 5 children were very excited to take part in this year’s Science week. Year 5 explored the theme ‘connections’ through reading a book called ‘The Last Tree’. The children explored why connection to nature and the environment is important alongside, the effects of not protecting our environment.

This half-term in computing, Year 5 are studying programming. The children have been able to control a simple circuit connected to a computer. They have had fun in connecting a simple circuit to a microcontoller. They have successfully programmed the microcontroller to make an LED switch on

Year 5 are studying Rainforests in Geography. Here we have some amazing Rainforest Projects made at home by the pupils! Well done Year 5!

Visit to London

Words are all around and in Art Year 5 have been using nature and every objects to inspire them to design their own lettering. This is called typography. Typography is the art of creating and arranging letters in a way which is visually appealing and which makes the letters legible. By the end of our unit, children had to draw an imaginary map and design their own lettering. We are very proud of their work.

Yr5 have been busy

Al-Furqan Primary School

The Key to Success