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Al-Furqan Primary School

Al-Furqan Primary School

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Safer Internet Day 2022/2023

Safer Internet Day 2023 took place on the 7th of February 2023, this years theme was based around 
Want to talk about it?
 Making space for conversations about life online’.


Al-Furqan were involved with Safer Internet workshops delivered by Unique Voices on 31st January, 2nd February and 3rd February.

Parents had the opportunity to attend a workshop to learn and enhance they're knowledge on how to keep children safe online. Below are some pictures of workshops which took place across school, please click here to see some videos shared by teachers.



Some feedback from children:



“The workshop was engaging and delivered appropriately for the Reception age group with lot's of interactive games to get children moving, role-playing games, online, thinking and talking about how to stay safe online and what features keep us safe such as 'report, block and close' features".


“We should keep our password safe”. 

“Keep our password safe so no one can steal our identity”. 

“Don’t talk to anyone you don’t know”. 

“When anything pops up you ignore it”. 

“Somebody might pass your password”. 

“Don’t tell your date of birth”. 

“Tell an adult if something is wrong”. 

“Ask for permission”. 

The workshop was interesting especially the games that the children played which showed private information moving around- Teacher


"I really enjoyed the workshop, there were lot's of different activities for us that were fun and educational at the same time e.g. we had to play role play what would happen if we shared our address and email to strangers online. I really hope we can do more of these workshops in the future".
It was a good workshop, there was a role play that children  enjoyed- Teacher 


Al-Furqan Primary School

The Key to Success