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Al-Furqan Primary School

Al-Furqan Primary School

The Key to Success

School Attendance Procedure


Child Absence – Parents and carers must call school each day their child is absent from school. The call must be made before 9am and a message needs to be left on the school message service.
The number to call is 0121 777 2222 option 2. Please state your child’s full name, class and reason for absence. If a child arrives in class after registration closes they will be marked as an unauthorised absence. These persistent absences without contacting the school will be referred to the Local Education Authority (LA) and may be subject to a fine.


Leave in Term time
It is the responsibility of the parent to make the school aware if they are thinking of taking pupils on holiday in term time
before they book the holiday. This should be done by completing a ‘leave in term time request form’ before
booking any flights. Parents will be contacted to arrange a meeting with the Head of School to agree/deny this leave of absence.
Any leave in term time is not permitted unless there are extenuating circumstances


Late Arrival
All children must arrive into school before 8.55am. For any children who arrive after this time, it is the responsibility of the parent/s to sign their child/children in on the Inventry system that is located by the school office. If you don’t sign your child/ren in they will not receive a mark on the register.


Signing in/Out
If you take your child out of school for any reason or bring them back, you need to sign them in or out on the
Inventry system.

Al-Furqan Primary School is working in partnership with parents and the Local Authority to improve school
attendance and punctuality. We would like to congratulate and thank the many parents who make sure their children attend school regularly and are therefore benefiting fully from their educational opportunity.




A huge thank you to Manjaros Restaurant on Stratford Road for providing 50% off vouchers every term for children with 100% Attendance. 

This term the vouchers are offering a different discount. Could we ask parents to read the small print on the voucher and present the voucher BEFORE ordering their food when visiting Manjaros during the holidays.

We would like to thank parents for ensuring their child comes into school on time, every day.


Autumn Term Voucher                           Spring Term Voucher                             Summer Term Voucher

FAST- track to Attendance

Al-Furqan Primary School

The Key to Success