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Al-Furqan Primary School

Al-Furqan Primary School

The Key to Success

Year 3 Gallery

Maths- February 2024

In Maths, children have been calculating the perimeter of shapes.



Design & Technology- January 2024

In D&T lessons, children have been learning two types of cutting techniques: the bridge technique and the claw technique. They practised using the skills of slicing, chopping and grating on a variety of sandwich fillings.



Computing- January 2024

Children have been using event, motion and sound blocks on Scratch to create algorithms.



Geography- January 2024

In Geography, children have been learning about volcanoes and earthquakes they have learnt about the different types of volcanoes and the impacts of eruptions. They have also developed understanding on earthquakes – why they happen and the impact this has on the environment.




Religious Education-December 2023  

In R.E lessons children have been learning about Christian worship. They learnt about a Christingle service and what the different parts of Christingle represents.



Art- December 2023

Children have been creating shadow art using charcoal.



Science- December 2023

In Science, children have been testing which surfaces have the most and least friction.



Maths- October 2023

Children have been practising subtracting 3-digit numbers which require an exchange.



Computing- October 2023

Children created a stop frame animation applying the onion skinning feature.



Design and Technology- October 2023 

Children applied stitching skills to create a money container.



Charity Week- October 2023

Children thoroughly enjoying splashing U.Suraya during charity week!


Computing – September 2023

Children have been recognising the similarities between digital and non-digital devices.


English – September 2023

In English, children have been looking at illustrations from a fiction text, discussing what questions they have and what clues they give us about the story.


Maths – September 2023

Children have been developing their understanding of adding 10 and 100 to 2 and 3-digit numbers.


History – June 2023

Children learnt why the Roman army was so successful and had the opportunity to see some of the armour they wore and the equipment they used in battle!



Science – May 2023

Children investigated the best growing conditions for plants.



Computing – May 2023

Children applied the skills that they learnt throughout the unit to create a magazine on a publishing software.


Design ad Technology- May 2023

In D&T, children were challenged to create a structure that is 10cm high and is strong enough to hold the weight of a book. See the wonderful structures children created!



Maths – May 2023

Children used fraction cards to investigate which fractions are equivalent.


Multi skills event – March 2023 Children had a fun day out at the multi skills event where they competed with other schools in a range of activities. A huge well done to all the children that took part!

Trip to Dudley Zoo – March 2023 Children had a fantastic day at Dudley Zoo. They took part in an informative workshop linked to their science topic and enjoyed seeing the animals.

Science – February 2023 Children have been investigating which materials are magnetic

Design and technology – February 2023 Children applied slicing, chopping and grating skills to create a healthy sandwich

English – January 2023 Children have been studying a new story called ‘The Old Lady and her Son’. Children were given an image from the story and discussed their thoughts and ideas about the image and composed questions.

Children had a lovely visit to St Edmunds Church to learn about Christian worship. We thank all at St Edmunds for their valuable time showing the children around the church and answering their questions- December 2022

Computing- Children used the imotion app to create an animation based on the Stone Age- November 2022

Children have been very excited during Design and Technology lessons this half term. They were able to design, plan and stitch a money container using the running stitch. Children demonstrated their resilience and problem-solving skills during lessons. Well done Year 3!- October 2022

Children investigated which objects create shadows- September 2022

Children have been developing their understanding of number and place value and have been adding and subtracting numbers using the column method- September 2022

In Science, children have been learning about the different parts of a plant. Children observed a range of flowers and tried to spot some of the different parts- May 2022

Music – April 2022 In music lessons, children have been learning how to play notes on a glockenspiel. Children created a composition for the song ‘Bringing Us Together’. Well done to the children on their brilliant performances!- April 2022

Art – March 2022 Y3 have been creating clay sculptures inspired by the artist Barbara Hepworth. Children practised how to work with clay using different techniques and tools to add detail and texture. Take a look at the wonderful sculptures produced!-March 2022

Children had a fantastic day at Dudley Zoo. They took part in an informative science workshop and enjoyed seeing their favourite animals including tigers, lions, giraffes and penguins- March 2022

World Book Day 2022 To celebrate world book day, children dressed up as their favourite book characters

Exciting visit from Professor Bubbleworks to celebrate Science Week- March 2022

Look at what Year 3 have been busy learning about Online Safety- February 2022

Al-Furqan Primary School

The Key to Success