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Al-Furqan Primary School

Al-Furqan Primary School

The Key to Success




The children have been taking part in reducing energy use in school. They have been making sure that they do three things in their classes.

The ECO member was the class monitor to remind others to:  

1. Switch off Smartboards when not in use. 

2. Put the computer to sleep when not in use during the day

3. Switch off lights after they leave the room. 


We will be checking the impact of this when some eco-committee members check the energy meter in school and do an audit of the classrooms.


Top tips for saving energy at home.

  • When you’ve finished watching a film or playing a game, make sure you don’t just turn the device off by the remote control, but you switch it off at the plug too.
  • If the red light is still on, the appliance is in what’s called ‘standby mode’ and is still using power – even if it looks like it’s switched off.
  • Leaving your TV and games consoles on standby could add an extra £80 a year onto your home’s energy bill (Source: Energy Saving Trust£17-billion-year-switching-appliances-standby)
  • Imagine if you left every TV in standby mode in your house, every games console, every appliance… that’s a lot of wasted energy and money, isn’t it?
  • Also remember that when your mobile phone has finished charging, it still continues to use power, even if it has reached 100%. So, when a mobile phone has finished charging, switch it off at the plug!

Al-Furqan Primary School

The Key to Success