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Al-Furqan Primary School

Al-Furqan Primary School

The Key to Success

School Ethos

Al-Furqan Primary School’s ethos.

Ethos is the characteristic belief of a given community. At Al-Furqan this is based on the fact that Allah is the Creator and that we will be accountable to Him for all our actions on the Day of Judgment, and that He has given us guidance through the Quran as to how we should live our lives. The curriculum, the relationships, the priorities, the aims and the objectives and discipline should show care, an important part of Islamic teaching.


It should be clearly understood that the Al-Furqan ‘s ethos is realised through daily action rather than by discussion alone. It is in this day to day living that the value system of the Al-Furqan will become apparent. However, its development has to be promoted and encouraged by practical means, since it rarely emerges by accident or by choice. It is therefore the responsibility of every member of the Al-Furqan community to contribute to the creation and implementation of its declared ethos.


The environment in which Al-Furqan community lives and learns makes non-verbal statements about the ethos, its values and priorities.

These are widened by such things as the atmosphere of welcome (including the quality of display), the visible care, concern and respect for people, for example quality of reception, the way staff and people address visitors and each other, care pupils display towards their own and other peoples possessions, respect towards each other, movement around the school.


Other evidence of personal relationships is:-

  • The expectations which teachers have of pupils and pupils have of themselves.
  • The quality of welfare and expectations placed upon people.
  • The just and equitable nature of arrangements for all pupils.
  • The concern to develop responsibility, initiative and pride in one’s work and the work of the school.
  • The loyalty and commitment to the values encouraged by the school.
  • The consistency with which those values are pursued by staff and pupils.
  • The range and quality of activities designed to promote personal development.

Al-Furqan Primary School

The Key to Success