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Al-Furqan Primary School's Values and Beliefs

Al-Furqan promotes the values of:-

  • Equality amongst all races and cultures.
  • Respect for all faiths.
  • Care for oneself, all people, animals, other living things, environment, own property and other peoples property.
  • Being mindful of our accountabilty to Allah (s.w.t) at all times.
  • Aspire to reach our full potential at all times and in all aspects of our lives.

At Al-Furqan we believe that these values form the foundation of the five pillars of Islam upon which the Islamic Belief stands. The five pillars are as follows:-

1) The Declaration of Faith - To make this commitment one needs to care and have a desire to develop an understanding towards what they observe and feel.

2) Five Daily Prayers - Whilst praying all Muslims, irrespective of race, colour, culture, creed stand shoulder to shoulder with respect for one another facing in the direction of Kabbah in a clean place.

3) Fasting in Ramadan - Amongst many things, Fasting teaches self-control which requires a lot of courage.

4) Giving Zakat - This is a pillar of Islam which cannot be fulfilled without care and careful thought as to who is the neediest and therefore requires the most help.

5) Hajj - Hajj cannot be completed without respect for others, a belief that Allah created all human beings equal, and a deep sense of care for the environment, animals, plants and other people’s property. 



"The aim of Al-furqan is very simple; we seek to provide a caring, secure, happy Islamic environment in which every student can discover and realise their full potential."



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